Classic Laminate


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Thickness: 12mm
Finish: Semi-gloss
Size: 1215x196x12mm
Joining system: Click
Surface: Flat
Wear Rating: AC3 Heavy residential /light commercial
Edging: Micro Bevel
Design: Hi Definition 1 strip décor
Guarantees: 25 Year Residential Warranty


Laminate flooring is undoubtedly one of the most conspicuous flooring options in the market. Available in various styles and shades, laminate creates a clean and outstanding finish on any home or office floor.With many exciting styles to choose for your home, you’re never going to run short of options when searching for the perfect style for your home!

Why Laminate Flooring?

While you’re at liberty to choose any flooring material, we recommend laminate flooring for a number of reasons. Here’s why you should consider laminate flooring for your home:

  • Durable : laminate flooring is scratch proof, stain-resistant, and resists wear and tear pretty well even in high-traffic areas
  • Easy to maintain : laminate takes away the hassle of taking care of floors. You will find it much easy to clean and take care of laminate flooring than other types of flooring material.
  • Easy-to-install : laminate floors can be installed on just about any surface using click and snap method & locking panels (without using glue, screws, or nails).
  • Mimics wood : amazingly, laminate emulates the natural and authentic look and rich feel of hardwood timber and the elegance of porcelain tile.
  • Affordable : laminate is generally cheaper than other types of flooring material. For the budget-conscious homeowner, laminate flooring is the best hardwood alternative for your home.
  • Variety of styles : laminate flooring comes in a range of alluring designs ranging from light shades of maple or oak to rich dark colours of mahogany and walnut.