Topdeck 7mm Hybrid Plank


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  • Size: 1800x225x7mm (0.5mm wear Layer+5mm Rigid Core+1.5mm IXPE Underlay)
  • Type: Hybrid Floating Flooring
  • Thickness: 7mm (1.5mm IXPE underlay) The thickest Hybrid Boards on the market right now.
  • Width: 225mm Length: 1800mm
  • Surface Finish: UV Coating- Anti bacterial
  • Edging: Micro-Bevelled Edge
  • Profile: Valinge 5G lock
  • Installation Method: Floating
  • Boards per pack: 5 Pack Size: 2.025 m² Pack Weight: 23 kg
  • VOC Rating: A+ Wear Layer: 0.5mm
  • Construction: Rigid Core; LVT balance layer; IXPE Acoustic Underla

Topdeck 7mm Hybrid Planks

Topdeck 7mm Hybrid Planks, the next generation of Hybrid Flooring, utilises advanced manufacturing techniques which develop rigid composite core plank (RCP). It is truly waterproof due to its solid core construction and high density, which makes it more indentation resistant. The excellent performance characteristics of RCP Core making the floor dimensionally stable provide little or no movement.

For decoration and noise reduction, Topdeck 7mm Hybrid Planks also have competitive advantages. Topdeck’s 0.5 mm wear layer and printed visual décor provides realistic timber textures and colours which feels like authentic hardwood. The application of world’s latest Negative Ion technology on the surface of each plank enables the floor to continuously release tourmaline into the air, which contributes to human body’ circulation, mental alertness, stress relief, and immune system strength. Furthermore, each plank is also attached with an acoustic cross-linked IXPE form layer, which ranks the floor as AAAC 5 Star Acoustic Rating.