Topdeck Platinum Edition


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Brand: Topdeck
Core Board: HDF
Thickness: 12mm
Finish: Embossed
Size: 2200x196x12mm
Joining system: 5G licenced Lock System
Surface: Flat
Wear Rating: AC5 commercial
Edging: Micro Beveled Edge
Design: Hi Definition 1 strip décor
Guarantees: 25 Year Residential Warranty

Platinum Edition 12.3mm

New Introduction: Dyna Core® Water Resistant Laminate Flooring is no longer a dream.

Brief Overview

  • Dyna Core®, a brand new laminate option exclusive to Topdeck, is a water-resistant laminate which feels like authentic hardwood
  • Dyna Core® is ideal for every room in the house, including kitchens, basements, living rooms, fitness rooms and many more


  • Dimensions: 2200 mm long X 196 mm wide X 12.3 mm thick
  • Box Contains 5 Planks = 2.156 m²
  • Box Weight: 23kg
  • Abrasion Class AC5 (Highly Scratch Resistant)
  • Environmentally Friendly VOC E0
  • Micro Beveled Edge
  • Rigid: up to 950kg/m³
  • Superior Water Resistant Performance
  • Install up to 32m without transitions
  • Extremely stable to temperature and humidity variations
  • EIR Surface
  • Waxing: double protection
  • FloorScore, Carb Phase2, SCS Certified
  • 5G Licenced Lock System